WhatsApp Post scheduling for Business Accounts

Save time by scheduling your WhatsApp business messages and broadcasts

WhatsApp Post Scheduler is a simple tool to send whatsapp messages on autopilot. Schedule your messages and sit back to relax...

Schedule WhatsApp for Business Messages

Quickly and easily schedule messages for your WhatsApp Business Account and our tool will send them automatically, and exactly following the the posting schedule you defined.

1. Compose any message


You can use links, emojis, images or videos or even engage with your customers by their name.

2. Schedule

You can schedule the messages for any time and date in the future.


3. Check the stats

You can get extensive statistics for your messages.

  • How many people have seen my message?
  • How many have clicked the links?
  • How many did respond?
  • etc.


Join the waiting list to be one of the VIP users to access our tool and get 1-on-1 support and personal onboarding.

Currently joining us as a customer is “invite only”. We have 17/50 slots left in our beta program.

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We believe a simple pricing model is the foundation of any solid and lasting business relationship. Thus we are not charging monthly fees, we don’t apply any usage limits or other growth blockers and we offer you a “no-risk trial” 4 weeks money back guarantee.


You pay $79 today and get

  • one year access to all features of WhatsApp Post Scheduler
  • unlimited scheduled messages
  • unlimited contacts
  • VIP treatment, 1-on-1 support and personal onboarding

If you are not happy within the first 4 weeks you will just get your money back – period.

Join the waiting list above to start scheduling your WhatsApp messages…

Frequently asked Questions


Why should I schedule a WhatsApp message anyway?

Most businesses are very busy in their day-to-day work. Maintaining another social network or messenger is almost not possible! However if you engage your customers via chat messages on WhatsApp regularily you can increase their loyalty and even drive direct sales. You reach them right on their phone – and you should make use of that frequently. By scheduling one or multiple messages for the future you can save a lot of time and be more focussed on your other tasks. You are able to create the messages in bulk once a week or even once a month and then go do more important stuff. Meanwhile our tool will automatically send the messages in behalf of yourself.


What is “WhatsApp for Business”?

WhatsApp recently announced their new offering for companies, brands and businesses in general. Their goal is to “make it easier for people to communicate with the businesses they want to reach on WhatsApp” and enable the businesses to do so efficiently. Currently most businesses which are using WhatsApp do this by using a single smartphone or even hacking together a solution which is not even officially approved by WhatsApp and could be taken down at any moment. We think WhatsApp will open up much more to companies and offer the ability to create Bots, Broadcasts, etc. similar to Facebook Messenger.


Is there a “WhatsApp for Business app”? Where can I get it?

WhatsApp is currently testing the waters and cooperating with selected businesses to enable their client-communication. If you want to give it a try you can apply to access the app here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WhatsAppBusiness


How to get a WhatsApp Business account?

As stated above you need to apply to get approved to an acccount.


Is there a WhatsApp API?

To this date there is no official WhatsApp API. However there are several attempts by inofficial individuals.

Also, you can officially include a “Start Conversation” button on your website. See the WhatsApp documentation for more information how to create a “Click to Chat” button.


How to access the WhatsApp business API?

As stated above you can not access a dedicated WhatsApp API currently. This will probably change in the near future.