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Patric Schmid

UX Designer, Usability Engineer

Hey there!

I am Patric Schmid – a freelance UX Designer and Usability Engineer from Germany. I love to create new products and work to improve the experience for existing customers.

After many conversations there is one recurring theme:

Most CTOs, Founders and Product Managers agree that Software is eating the World – but Usability and UX is the competitive edge of the future.

While in the past software was compared by features and performance many users nowadays expect an easy to use interface and an outstanding user experience.

However most companies and start ups struggle to find and hire the perfect UX Designer for their business. There are many people with different skills working in the space and even the difference between UI and UX is not clearly understandable for most.

In the last few years I have been founding a small startup company myself. It can be a struggle to get the UX of our product “just right” while handling budget, team and customers at the same time. If you know that feeling – let’s end this today!

HowTo: Hire UX Designers

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